Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stress Homones Gone Wild

I don’t ovulate. Essentially my body just doesn’t. It is something akin to my body being in a perpetual state of stress. Something like stress hormones gone wild! So, there is no mystery as to why I can’t get pregnant. I actually know what is “wrong” with me or my body to be more accurate. If I work out it could-possibly-maybe-might improve my chances of getting pregnant, but if push too hard it might not. If I change my diet then my body might… ugh. Seriously, I’m done. I get it. Losing weight… which I have… didn’t guarantee a baby and IVF… well, with my odds it could be throwing good money after bad… or I guess I could attempt to give octo-mom a run for her money. (We, my husband and I, actually have no intention of doing IVF. Sad joke at someone else’s expense.)

But I want to try something. I’ve had this idea… You see in my past life, aka my life before I married, I was a Drug Counselor. The stress of the job wrecked any and all balance I had in my life. I have only myself to blame really. Now let’s flash forward to present day… I really do want to try to get pregnant, but on my own terms. And preferably before my next visit with my doc in May. If I’m not successful then I’ll take the medications necessary to get pregnant. But I have a plan!


I am going to begin living a life of balance. Complete with meditation and quiet contemplation (I will be meditating and reflecting with respect to my Christian faith)!

Step One: Getting comfortable with silence…

Next step: Acupuncture

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